Breast milk is the best for babies.

Breast milk provides the ideal balanced nutrition and protection for your baby. Maternal nutritional increase during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore mothers’ diets should include a wide variety of nutritious food and healthy snacks.

If you are considering bottle feeding, always seek professional advice as once bottle feeding has commenced it can be difficult to revert to breast feeding. Partial bottle feeding may also adversely affect breastfeeding by reducing the supply of breast milk. Always use and prepare infant formula as by the manufacturer; unnecessary or improper use of infant formula can be hazardous to the health of your baby.
Before using infant formula, always consider the social and financial implications, such as issues of convenience and cost to the household of using infant formula for at least 12 months. If you are considering using infant formula, it is important to discuss this with a health professional.
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ABOUT Golden Fern

The Golden Fern™ brand has been used for New Zealand dairy products since 1987. Golden Fern™ infant formula and other milk products have been enjoyed by customers in China since 2008.

Our experienced team, based in Auckland New Zealand, take pride in producing quality dairy products that are nutritious and safe to consume.