Golden Fern is a nutritional dairy product producer, with a strong commitment to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality products from pristine New Zealand to the rest of the world. Established in Auckland over a decade ago, we firmly believe that – safe nutrition creates optimal health – at all of life’s ages and stages.

Safely achieving peak nutrition starts with thorough research, development and testing. We work exclusively with the finest New Zealand dairies, applying our extensive industry expertise and adhering to stringent quality standards defined by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, before processing and packaging in a safe, hygienic environment. This commitment to excellence throughout the entire manufacturing process ensures that only the very best products reach our customers across the globe.

As a New Zealand company, our name reflects our pride in our heritage.
As the Silver Fern is a national symbol of clean, green Aotearoa, we elevated this to a Golden Fern in honour of our beautiful home.

We hope you will enjoy discovering
the best of New Zealand with Golden Fern.