Our products begin with milk, which comes from healthy dairy cows that graze on lush, green pastures, without artificial feeding or pesticides. New Zealand dairy cows also benefit from rigorous government regulations that ban the use of antibiotics in feed, hormone injections, and prolactin use. These stringent measures ensure that the milk we use is delivered to you exactly as nature intended – pure, fresh and safe. After all, shouldn’t anything that we put into our bodies benefit, rather than harm, our health?

After leaving the farms, the milk arrives at the manufacturing plant – one of New Zealand’s foremost facilities. We operate our processing and packaging plant under similar regulations to those used in the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring pristine cleanliness and safety at every step of the manufacturing process. We also apply strict laboratory testing at every step of production and are registered with – and monitored by – the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

With safety and health as our number one priority,
we guarantee that our products will always be free from:

  • – Sucrose –
  • – Solvents –
  • – Artificial colourings and flavourings –
  • – Melamine and melamine derivatives –